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"I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body.

My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every step, including any obstacle you may face along the way.

My holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time."



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I am a mother to a beautiful little girl and like most parents struggle with being time poor but I always make sure I make time for me. Fitting in time to train and do the things I enjoy ensures I am able to be the best mum I can be. Not only does training give me more energy for day-to-day activities, it also releases endorphins that keep me positive for my little girl, my clients and myself.

Everything I do, as much as I do it for myself, I do it for my little girl and hope she will grow up to be a strong, independent woman just like her mum.

I decided to become a personal trainer after discovering my passion for health and fitness and realising how great it felt to get into shape after such a major body change during pregnancy. It was then that "KDPT Fitness" was born.

Motivating and inspiring people to live a healthy life is what I thrive on because I know first hand how this can change someones life. This is my passion and I live and breathe it. However finding a balance is the key to success.

Training is equally a mental battle as it is a physical one. Together we will train your body and your mind to achieve the goals you desire.

People who don’t like exercise usually just don’t like to be uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zones, mentally or physically is where positive change happens. My specialty is both educating and helping people to get out of their comfort zone and getting them to a place where they enjoy pushing their body and mind to places unknown to them.

I can't make someone want to get stronger, leaner or fitter, that part is up to the client…..BUT if you want to train with me I will help you reach your goal and educate you on making the changes needed to live a healthier life.

In my fitness career my biggest achievement thus far has been getting my body into amazing shape only 1 year after having my daughter. In the 10 months that followed I dedicated myself to take on one of my biggest accomplishments. I trained to achieve my goal to compete as a fitness model and took home first place in the over 30’s category. This was a challenging journey but it taught me a lot, made me stronger than ever and reiterated for me that anything is possible. 

I'm living proof that you can be in the best shape of your life even after children.


I don't win unless you do! My packages are designed for winners!!!

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Face To Face Training

Train in a private studio.

I offer 1:1, 1:2 and small group training. Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! Training is equally a mental battle as it is a physical one. Together we will train your body and your mind to achieve the goals you desire.


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Online & Virtual Training

Programs written to suit your lifestyle.

Offering a holistic approach to personalised training, nutrition & lifestyle, with one on one support & coaching by me. In the palm of your hands via my app you will have all the tools for success. To create and maintain your best body yet. Don't let time or money be the thing that stops you from achieving your goals. I have packages to suit all budgets.

No excuses, just results. Join the team today!

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Nutrition Education | Macro Tracking

Reach your goals faster & smarter without restrictions!

You look your best when you feel your best. Nutrition is an extremely important part of this journey and making sure you can maintain your results, get there in the fastest time possible and feel amazing on the inside .
Recipe ideas, macro tracking, understanding what all this means and how it will best work for you.  

Knowledge to last a lifetime.  Education & control!

Fully integrated MFP with my app so I can oversee and guide you to make the right food choices all while enjoying the foods you love most.  

Flexible dieting provides freedom & flexibility as well as creates discipline by allowing you to create a good relationship with food & sustainability for life long results.

Let me help you look and feel better than ever!

- Have You struggled to get your body to were you want physically & visually?

-  Are you looking for a holistic approach to ensure you have lifelong results?

- Do you struggle with motivation?

- Do you want more energy and to feel better daily?

- Are you sick of fad diets and never being able to maintain your results?

 - Do you still want to be able to enjoy life and take an 80/20 approach?


Then This Is The Solution You've Been Looking For!


When you join me, I promise you that I will: 

- Design programs for YOUR schedule & needs.

-Be there every step of the way to answer your questions, support & coach you on your journey.

-  Educate you on both training and nutrition so you can make lifestyle changes that guarantee permanent results! 

- Ensure that your lifestyle habits are working in your favour to ensure maximum results and success.

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Elite Program!        


Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong You!

This program is not for just anyone. The women selected to take on this journey will need to be ready for complete transformation. The transformation of the 3 most important parts of ourselves needed for success.  

I am so excited to be able to bring all the things that I have learned and work with women who are ready to take things to the next level. This Is going to be a space that brings those women together.

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Lisa Conway
Keynote speaker, author and educator to the Hair and Beauty Industry

Kylie has changed my life. I’m stronger then ever before in every way.

Who would have thought this was possible at 56.

Kylie understands that that everyone has different needs and can accommodate the training accordingly. I love that for the first time ever I have an understanding of what foods to avoid and what exercise to do, to achieve what I want. I want to be the best version of me, I always have and now I can.

Im excited for the coming months to see even more changes in my body and how much more I can learn. So excited! 

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"You can have Results or Excuses. NOT BOTH".

- Arnold Schwarzenegger