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Find YourBest Self With KDPT Fitness
Personalised Health and Fitness Coaching

''I don't win unless you do! My packages are designed for winners.''

KDPT Fitness offers personalised health and fitness coaching to help you reach your goals. Our experienced team of coaches provide dynamic training programs tailored to each client's needs. Discover how we can help transform your life today


''Let me teach, guide & support you on your journey to becoming the best version of you."

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Personal Training Sessions

Train in a private studio.

Got an exercise goal in mind? Take control of your body and mind with private, face-to-face training! Our private sessions are tailored to reach any and all fitness levels, from novice to experienced. With a dedicated spot held just for you each week at the time that best fits your schedule, we'll work with you step-by-step. Take your workouts up a notch and unlock new potential while achieving all of those goals with our personalized approach. 

Take control of your body and mind with private, face-to-face training! From 1:1,2 or 3. Unlock the power within yourself as we battle through physical challenges while also strengthening mental resilience on our way toward achieving your goals. So don't wait any longer - take this opportunity now and book a session today.

Small Group Sessions

Working together for an extra push.

Have you been looking for a fun way to kick-start your Saturday & Sunday mornings? Look no further than our small group sessions - an energetic, interactive  workout that will help you reach all of your fitness goals! With up to four people in each session, you'll get the personalized attention and motivation needed from both trainers and fellow participants. And don't forget about the added bonus: when training together with others there's potential for pushing yourself even farther towards success. Make sure not miss out on this unique opportunity by booking today!

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Nutrition Education | Macro Tracking

Included with all my packages:

Reach optimal wellness today without any restrictions.

Fuelling your body with the right foods is critical for lasting success and results. But how much do you know about diet? Unlock the knowledge of macros and calories, so that flexible dieting can give YOU control! I will create a personalized macros tailored to your goals without restrictions or super low calories; while still allowing room for all your favorite meals while providing insight into forming a healthy relationship with food - now THAT'S good nutrition for life!

Make your health goals a reality and take control of your nutrition with the perfect balance between discipline, freedom and enjoyment! You will have access to all the knowledge needed for lifetime success through flexible dieting. Unlock the key to achieving your goals faster and smarter. Plus benefit from weekly check-Ins & feedback so that together we can ensure you're making smart food choices while enjoying meals tailored specifically to your taste preferences.

Stretching Sessions      

Recovery is just as important as training.


 KDPT offers clients tailored stretch sessions to make sure you benefit from these post training care. Make sure you stay in optimal shape and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to treat yourself after each training session or week.


Achieve greater physical balance and well-being with our  personalised stretch sessions! With a little extra post-workout care, you can get even more out of your training.


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Infrared Sauna      

After a hard workout, don't let your gains go down the drain.


With KDPT's infrared sauna experience, you can reap all the benefits it has to offer - including muscle recovery and detoxification for improved weight loss and immune system strength as well as reduced joint pain, enhanced relaxation levels and better sleep quality! Finally top off with skin purification that will leave you feeling refreshed while achieving optimal overall wellness.

The Corporate Wellness Program     

Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong You!


Not only a must-have for businesses, but individuals too! Our program offers the perfect balance of wellness and motivation to jumpstart your day. I'm thrilled to share my knowledge and provide support so that you can lead a healthier life - no matter where you are working from. Join our vibrant community on this transformational journey as we learn together how movement enables us to thrive!


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Step Into A New You With Us!

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Discovery Session:

(FREE 15 min phone consultation)

This is a non-obligation phone consultation designed to allow me to get to know each one of my clients, their needs & goals to ensure they have the perfect start to their journey. As well as answer any questions you have about any of my packages or service.

Dont wait let chat! 

Trail Pack (2 sessions):

Let's meet and make sure that we are the right fit!


Experience our studio firsthand, meet me in person, and get a sneak peek of what it's like to train with us. During these sessions, we will assess your movement capabilities, training level as well as your effort so we can gage how best to train you and so you can get a feel for what to expect.

 Please note that all clients are required to participate in an onboarding zoom session prior to the trial. This ensures that we have all the necessary information about your health history, restrictions, and any other details for a safe training experience. 


Lets meet so I can show you what being a part of my team would be like.



- All sessions run for 45min.

- Package range from between 2-6 sessions a week (Less then 2 sessions per week is not going to get you results).

- Small group sessions & Stretch Sessions are to be used as add on's to any package for more personalised experience and so the trainers understand your ability to be able to tailor  the sessions to all clients in the session.

- Are you a mum? Kids are welcome.

- We tailor your sessions to your level of fitness and progress them as you do. This allows your body to go through the necessary stages of conditioning before progressing further. 


- Access to an app to keep you accountable, on tack and a collection point for your data.

- Nutrition coaching around flexible dieting through macro & calorie tracking including personalised macros & adjustments as needed

-  Weekly Check Ins & feedback to help keep you moving towards you goals, change & create habits & lifestyle changes.

-Access to weekly online LIVE meditation & Yoga classes with our wellness coach

- 3 monthly reflection & goal setting calls

- Habit Tracking for anything you are struggling with

- Supplementation recommendations where needed 

-  Community platform for support, client group challenges, extra exclusive content & much  more.



- All packages are for a minimum term of 12 weeks. 

- It’s best to book a time slot, which remains the same each week so that you don’t miss out on a spot & to create habit and consistency.

- If you are unable to attend your sessions 24-hours notice is required where you have the option to do a make up session in the same week or the following week on top of your regular sessions. 

- Holidays are a MUST for all of us. So don’t worry if you are planning a trip I will 1/2 your payments to secure your spot and on your return you will just pay the other half for the amount of weeks you were away; and even write you a program to do while you are away so you can continue moving towards your goals even while your away.

- Payments are made via a direct debit system at the beginning of each week through a third party secure payment gateway (pay advantage)

The Studio

KDPT Fitness is a private studio located in Williams Landing. Offering both indoor and outdoor training areas fully equiped with everything you need to get an amazing workout without being in a busy gym environment.​The personal setting of the studio ensures that no one will feel uncomfortable and allows the sessions to be enjoyable for both new and advanced clients.

Opening Hours.

Monday-Thursday 5.15am-9.00pm

Friday 5.15am7.30pm

Saturday 6.45am-12.00pm

Sunday 7.30am-3.00pm

Open public holidays - hours may vary


Book a discovery call and lets chat and see if we are a fit to help you on your health and fitness journey.

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