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Transform your work day with CWP - The Corporate Wellness Program! Our virtual wellness sessions provide desk workers with a comprehensive workout and stretch routine to keep their bodies energised and their minds refreshed. Take a break from your desk and join us today


The corporate wellness program is an essential component of any organisation's strategy to improve the overall wellbeing of their employees. In today's fast-paced work environment, people tend to spend most of their day seated, which can impact their health significantly. Sitting for prolonged periods can lead to several health issues such as poor posture, decreased energy levels, low productivity, and increased stress levels. Therefore, it is crucial for organisations to encourage their employees to keep their bodies active & minds clear during the day by offering wellness programs like a live lunchtime zoom 30 min wellness sessions; This is where we come in.


This type of wellness program is designed to get people up and moving, even during a busy workday & stress low. These 30-minute live zoom sessions focus on bodyweight exercises & Yoga that can be done from the comfort of your home, office, or any space with enough room for movement. These exercises are designed to increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance, which can enhance overall physical health and boost energy levels. On top of the workout sessions we provide meditation & Breath work sessions to help keep your staff working at their best.


Among the many benefits of a corporate wellness program that includes live zoom bodyweight workout & stretching, the most significant is that it promotes an active lifestyle, which can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and happiness. Taking a few minutes out of a busy day to move your body can lead to a significant increase in brainpower, which ultimately results in better work performance.


Moreover, a corporate wellness program can help reduce healthcare costs, days off, and promote a healthier workplace culture. When an organisation invests in the health and wellbeing of its employees, it sends a message that they are valued, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and employee retention.


In conclusion, a corporate wellness program that includes live zoom & pre-recorded bodyweight workouts & stretching sessions can be a valuable investment for any organisation or individual . It not only promotes a healthier workplace culture but also benefits employees by improving their physical wellbeing, leading to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Live Zoom Sessions

CWP - The Corporate Wellness Program provides virtual workout and stretch sessions to keep your staff productive and healthy. Our sessions are designed to increase energy, reduce stress and improve workplace well-being.

Move Monday


At CWP, we are committed to helping people stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. We offer 30-minute live Zoom bodyweight workout sessions that can be taken from anywhere. All you need is your body and motivation. Our experienced trainers provide step-by-step instructions and provide guidance on stretching and breathing exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.



At CWP, we recognize that the work week can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we offer Wednesday Meditation, a program designed to help your staff clear their minds mid week for a more  positive attitude coming into the end of the week. Our program promotes relaxation and mindfulness, and encourages your staff to take a few moments to focus on their wellbeing & create an environment of mindfulness for a more productive finish to the week.

Wellness Wednesday


Flex Friday

Our virtual zoom-based yoga session is designed to help professionals alleviate the stiffness and tension associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time. Our 30 minute live sessions are guided by experienced and certified instructors, who will help you end your week feeling refreshed and energized. Whether you are looking to stay active during the pandemic or need to take a break from your desk, we are here to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.


Nutrition 101

At CWP - The Corporate Wellness Program, we provide  pre-recoded nutrition workshops & Live Q&A calls to help you improve your health and wellness. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information and tools to make positive changes in your lifestyle. Our Q&A sessions are designed to help you better understand nutrition and how to best fuel your body. We also provide loads of information to help you make changes that will have a long-lasting impact on your health.

All delivered via KDPT's community platform  
- Exclusive CWP community space.

Experience the Power of KDPT's CWP Community Hub!


Unlock an exclusive world of support and guidance for you and your staff. Our online community hub is a secure space where they can engage with certified trainers, join live sessions, and get the motivation they need to crush their wellness goals.


With CWP, your staff will connect with like-minded individuals, gain access to valuable resources, and find 24/7 support to ensure success on their health and wellness journey. It's time to be part of an inspiring community that uplifts and empowers. Join us today and seize the opportunity to transform your wellness game!

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Your staff will also get an exclusive discount for personalised nutrition coaching, personalised macros, weekly check-in's & feedback 

 Get 30% OFF

Meet The Team



Kylie stands as a towering figure in the fitness industry, with over 12 years dedicated to transforming lives, both inside and out. Starting as a beacon of guidance for novices taking their tentative first steps in a gym, she has evolved into a trailblazing founder and coach who empowers others to embody the healthiest and most confident versions of themselves.

At the heart of her success story lies the countless transformation journeys she has embarked upon—not only with her clients but also her own. Her personal turning point came in her 40s when she discovered an unparalleled zest for life, an unparalleled vitality she wholeheartedly commits to imparting onto others.

Kylie's accomplishments are rooted in the philosophy that fitness extends beyond physical training. It's a holistic transformation of lifestyle habits, a venture of education that enables sustained health and wellness. This core belief spurred the establishment of her flourishing personal training studio—a sanctuary where clients are not just trained but are instilled with the knowledge and lifestyle modifications necessary for a lifelong wellness quest.

Going a step further in her mission, Kylie pioneered the Corporate Wellness Program (CWP), which totes the banner of health and fitness into the lives of desk-bound professionals. Through CWP, Kylie brings her expertise into offices, helping to break the sedentary shackles that bind so many and cultivating a culture of wellbeing among the workforce.

Her biographical narrative isn't merely a tale of personal and business achievements; it's a testament to the ripple effects of her influence. The lives she's touched echo her ethos, with individuals shedding long-held habits to strike a delicate, nutritious balance between body and soul.

The biography of Kylie is crafted much like her approach to life and fitness—empowering, transformational, and constantly driving growth. Through her dedication and passion, Kylie doesn't just change bodies; she revolutionizes lives, inspiring a sense of self-assurance and a bounty of energy that her clientele will carry for years to come.

In a world where the pursuit of well-being can seem labyrinthine, Kylie stands as a guiding light. Her tireless enthusiasm serves as the backbone of her incredible impact, encouraging all who have the privilege of working with her to seek out and reach their peak potential in health and life.



As a holistic practitioner, Eve's mission is to help people reconnect with the power of their heart through supportive modalities such as yoga, breathwork, somatic/energy healings, sound healing and cacao ceremonies. 
Yoga has been pivotal in Eve's own journey of self discovery and healing.  To Eve, yoga isn’t about bending yourself into a pretzel, but more about cultivating a deeper connection to your true self through conscious breath and movement.
Practicing from the heart is the foundation of Eve's yoga classes, where she offer a supportive and calming space for you to unwind and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of being.




Steph isn't just passionate about fitness; she embodies it. From competing in surf sorts as a Victorian athlete on a national level to saving lives as a volunteer lifesaver since age 13, her dedication is nothing short of inspiring.

Having transformed herself by shedding over 25kg, she's a beacon of determination and understands the personal commitment required to make lasting changes.

We believe Steff's guidance is exactly what you need to ignite that spark and push towards a happier, healthier version of yourselves.

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