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If someone is telling you that you can shed those kilos in a short time by following their amazing program - they are most definitely lying to you.

- Did they tell you how long the results last or how you will improve mentally?

- Did they tell you that as soon as you go back to a sustainable way of eating that your body will go back with you?

- What will you learn along the way?

- How will you grow and what tools and skills will you take away from this?

Restricting your calories and drinking meal replacement shakes are NOT going to get you lasting results - that I can promise you. Quick fixes are only ever temporary ones, and that is why you always end up back here. Making lifestyles changes is key to success.

Taking the easy way out has never really been my thing, and nor should it be yours. If you want change, to really change, then you need to work for it. If you want to grow and learn then you need to put in the time. If you want what you don’t have then you need to do what you have never done. Everyone’s body is different. The rate one person loses fat or builds muscle is different to the next person.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy but getting started is the hardest part because after that results create drive and motivation. The tools you acquire are forever. And when it becomes a part of your everyday life and a part of your routine it becomes easy. Making time becomes easy and getting it done becomes easy.

Lasting results require patience and consistency. It is an understanding that you’re not going to eat well and exercise for a week and wake up a changed women.

If you are trying and failing then at least you are failing forward. At last you are learning and growing and not just expecting.

I have failed many times but I never stopped trying. But this year I have taken it all to another level and been working on personal transformation to have complete control over my mind and my body. I am stronger than I have ever been before both inside and out. But I still have so much work to do and I’m absolutely loving the process. I’m embracing every single second. We should be forever learning and working on ourselves. We have one mind and body that will take us through our journey. Don’t let it be the last thing you look after. Let it be the first.

Self-love is something a lot of us struggle with but its something we all need to get acquainted with. It’s the one tool that will help you overcome so many obstacles. Make you number 1; you won't regret it.

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