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A new study has come out about exercise and your risk for developing COVID …

… and ZERO major news networks have covered it so far.

This info can help you change your life and the lives of people you know, plus it’ll take less than two minutes to read.

In South Korea, researchers found that working out REDUCES your risk of getting Covid-19.

The study evaluated 76,395 people that had been tested for Covid AND had recently completed a national health examination (including an assessment for physical activity.)

What they found:

Adults who worked out (cardio + strength training):

#1: Had a LOWER risk of Covid-19 infection (2.6% vs. 3.1%)

👉 This means you are LESS likely to get infected with the virus if you exercise (according to the study).

#2: Had a LOWER risk of Severe Covid-19 (0.35% vs 0.66%)

👉 This means there’s nearly 2X MORE risk of ending up with severe COVID if you don’t exercise (according to the study).

#3: Had a LOWER risk of Covid-19-related death (0.02% vs 0.08%)

👉 This means there’s nearly 4x MORE risk of dying a COVID-related death if you don’t exercise (according to the study).

… Compared to those who didn’t meet South Korean exercise guidelines. (150 minutes a week and 2 strength-training sessions.)

The South Korean researchers said regular exercise helps:

✅ Cut the risk of infection

✅ Boost the immune system, and

✅ Reduce disease-causing inflammation in the body.

The study also noted that the World Health Organization recommends people be as active as possible …

AND encourages everyone to engage in regular aerobic physical activity, as well as bone and muscle-strengthening activity.

It’s time to GET ACTIVE – and encourage your family and friends to join you!

If you’re not sure how or where to start, please reach out to my team at


We can help you create a plan (for FREE) that works for YOU and where you’re at in your life.

Being PROACTIVE about your health is so important. Both for you and your loved ones.

Please share this with a friend or family member - we want to get this message out there to people who need it. It may just help save a life.


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